Wednesday, April 16, 2014


"Gabriel Maldonado"

Gabriel Maldonado

Gabriel Maldonado is the CEO and Executive Director of TruEvolution, Inc. - a youth development, social justice organization dedicated to advocating for marginalized and underserved communities through health & wellness, life skills, leadership development, and civic engagement programs and services. Gabriel began working in leadership development after having served on the founding Board of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Teen Community Police Advisory Board under the direction of now Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Buscaino working to build a bridge between the LAPD and the youth in the City of Los Angeles. Gabriel is a human services consultant for other organizations as a specialist in strategic planning, social justice campaigning, program designing, and strategic outreach. As an LGBT Activist, Gabriel works closely with grassroots LGBT organizations and has been an expert panelist and speaker all over the country from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. He has spoken on the disproportionate impacts of HIV/AIDS, institutional discriminatory practices of homophobia and misogyny in the LGBT community and within other communities of color.