Thursday, January 19, 2017

UC Davis To Host 2017 BlaqOUT Conference

We are excited to announce that the 4th Annual BlaqOUT Conference will take place April 21-23 at the University of California, Davis. The three day conference is designed to create a networking, empowerment and critical community building opportunity for folks within the Black/African Diaspora and LGBTQIA+ community.

This is a structured conference featuring workshops from undergraduate and graduate scholars, staff, community members and activists with identities within the BlaQueer Diaspora. This year's BlaqOUT conference will be FREE to attend, with a capacity of 150 people. The 2017 theme is  Love My BlaQness and Yours Too!

So, why I Love My BlaQness and Yours Too? This year we want to celebrate the many manifestations, ethnicities, languages, hxstories, shades, and even curl-patterns of Blackness/BlaQness. We celebrate that Blackness/BlaQness is not monolithic.

Need To Knows
The UC Davis BlaqOUT committee is working hard to uphold the BlaqOUT legacy of #BlaQexcellence. As of right now, here are things to know:

Friday, April 21 - Sunday, April 23, 2017
UC Davis
I Love my BlaQness and Yours too
Registration Cost:
FREE with capacity for 150 
Application Release Date:
February 3, 2017
Workshop Proposal Application:
February 3, 2017
Registration Deadline:
March 31, 2017

Confirmed speakers/entertainment:

BlaqOUT Website:

BlaqOUT Facebook Page:

BlaqOUT Conference 2017 Email:

BlaqOUT 2017 UC Davis Committee
  • Tori Ann Marie Ameyamor Porter, Community Coordinator, LGBTQIA Resource Center
  • Mat Adrienne-Marielle Talton, Community Coordinator, LGBTQIA Resource Center
  • Charlie Monique Anderle, Identity Development Coordinator, Student Recruitment & Retention 
  • Danté Larmont Williams, UC Davis Scholar & Community Darling
  • Chaz Ashley Cruz, Assistant Director, LGBGTQIA Resource Center
  • Monae Roberts, Program Coordinator Cross Cultural Center

  • Karimi Ndwiga, Community Programmer, Womxn’s Research and Resource Center

The BlaqOUT Conference was founded in 2014 by Toi Thibodeaux of UC Riverside's LGBT Resource Center.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Group Photo

So many spoke words of praise and thanks for this lovely space.

 Thank you all for joining us and being a part of the

3rd BlaqOUT Conference 2016!!

Some of the beautiful people who attended the BlaqOUT Conference 2016 at UC Riverside!!

Another successful year BlaqOUT Conference 2016!

We will see you in 2017 at UC Davis!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016 Featured Guest Speakers


With a budding career as unique as he is, Todrick Hall has paved his own way as a new kind of star, harnessed by the power of social media, captivating audiences with his incomparable blend of original music, innovative choreography and creative parody. With 180 million+ YouTube video views, 1 million+ subscribers and a hyper-engaged, loyal fan base, Hall is emerging as a creative visionary and entertainment powerhouse, eliciting attention from Virgin America, MTV and Forbes.

Raised on a farm in a small Texas town, Hall’s passion for the arts began at a young age, performing in local shows until he landed a starring role in Broadway's "The Color Purple" alongside American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino. Inspired by his co-star, Hall captured the nation’s attention in season 9 of the reality show, but was voted off as a semifinalist. Deterred but not discouraged, he poured every dime he earned into writing, directing, producing and starring in YouTube videos featuring creative themes, original music and innovative choreography.

Celebrated for his creative self-expression and innovative vision, Hall takes audiences on a journey that is as unique and entertaining as he is; imparting valuable perspective on developing one’s own definition of success, overcoming obstacles, embracing individuality and diversity, and producing work that inspires others.


Greg Wilson is currently the Deputy Director of REACH LA (since 2008), a youth based organization in Los Angeles, CA. that focuses on serving young African American /Latino MSM in Los Angeles County. Greg is also a current Co-Chair for BTAN LA. Working in the HIV/AIDS field for over 10 years, Greg has been recognized nationally for his efforts towards leadership development, job preparation, and for working closely with under-served populations such as the House and Ballroom Community.

Greg began his career in the HIV field as a volunteer,becoming a strong advocate and liaison for the community. Greg’s efforts were soon recognized on a national level leading towards Greg being asked by NASTAD to represent as a youth liaison for the United States. At NASTAD, Greg had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in Washington, DC where he was introduced to Lobbying, Legislative Visits, and being the voice for all youth across the Nation.

Greg’s first book, ‘Metamorphosis of A Heart’ (2015), speaks from the perspective of youth that have felt for so long that they’ve had no voice, felt misunderstood, and who’ve overcome many struggles they weren’t expected to survive. This book is used as a tool of empowerment, adding to his effort to connect with the community on a deeper level. Greg is a trailblazer that commits his life to the betterment of his people, his community and this world.


BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham meeting President Obama in the White House, July 2014.
Photo Credit: The White House (used with permission).

As BiNet USA’s President, Faith Cheltenham works to advocate for bisexual, pansexual, fluid, and queer communities. An LGBT activist since 1999, Faith has written on LGBT issues for South Florida Gay News, The Advocate, Huffington Post, The Bilerico Project, the Human Rights Campaign, and GLAAD. A techie since birth, Faith has also worked as a digital strategist on campaigns with Warner Bros., Macmillan, and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.

In 2013, Faith co-organized the first bisexual community issues roundtable at the White House and in 2014, Faith was honored to meet President Obama privately alongside other LGBT leaders before witnessing the President sign an Executive Order protecting LGBT employees of federal contractors from discrimination. A mom and step-mom, Faith lives in LA with her husband Matt, a Sr. Android developer at Grindr.

The Youth Ambassadors are members from the Youth Center on Highland that represent many voices and make one decision in lending a voice to the voiceless. Despite the different walks of the life, they all have a common goal to diminish the percentage of homeless youth on the streets and dedicate their lives to the members they serve. They are alike, they are diverse, they are Ambassadors!