Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inside the BlaqOUT Conference

Getting Personal with members of
the BlaqOUT Conference
planning crew

Deejay Brown

Deejay Brown is the Program Coordinator for the LGBT Resource Center (LGBTRC) at University of California, Irvine. Their responsibilities include coordinating campus-wide programs, networking with campus offices and community resources, as well as the daily management of programs and services. They assist in providing 1-1 support for students, staff, and faculty around sexual orientation and gender identity. Deejay received their Bachelor’s degree in English: focusing on Creative Writing and Critical Theory, while also concentrating on Gender & Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory. They are currently working on their Masters of Science in Higher Education at California State University, Fullerton and will graduate this June. Prior work experience includes roles within California State University San Bernardino, Diversity Awareness & Education Programmer at San Bernardino's Office of Housing & Residential Life, LGBT Lead Assistant at the Santos Manuel Student Union, and most recently serving as the Graduate Assistant for CSU Fullerton's ASI LGBTQ Resource Center. Deejay has facilitated a number of trainings and presentations around social justice issues and the Queer experience, most recently serving at T*Camp and Queering the Binary Summit.

What does the BlaqOUT Conference mean to you?
"Creating space where we can express how our vulnerability and our resiliency can be radical places both for ourselves as Queer* individuals and how our power and solidarity can create more space for the Larger Queer Community. We have an immense power to transform and self determine who we are and it is awesome to just bear witness of who we are when we join in community."