Tuesday, March 1, 2016

***Submit a Workshop***

Do you want to present at the
3rd Annual BlaqOUT Conference?

Here are some ideas and topics folks said they would like to see, but no one has submitted any around these topics ...

"Beyonce cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation"

"Dating 101" (Highly Requested)

"Sex 101"

"Assimilation in the workplace"

"Coming Out in black families" (Highly Requested)


"Imposter syndrome"

"Internatlized Oppression"


"The Asexual Spectrum"

"Black and Bi"

"Speed Friend/Date" (Highly Requested)


"Going to Grad School"

"Community Organizing"

Well the link is open!!! Please submit your workshop proposal by midnight Friday, March 4, 2016 and do not forget to also fill out the conference application.